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[Normal Commissions: CLOSED] 

[Crying Bust Commissions: CLOSED]

Non-commercial Commission
Terms of Service 2021

  • Payment made in USD
  • I have a strict policy of 100% payment up front.
  • No refunds
  • After invoice is sent, there is a 24 hour window for payment to be made before your slot is forfeited and I move onto the next client. If you have missed this window, you may be able to sign up for another commission slot, but your position will begin at the end of the line.
  • Referenced characters ONLY. These commissions are only for characters with image references. Please no text descriptions as that entails a character-creating commission which this is not. If you do not have an image of your character (ex: character sheet, past commissions, etc) I will not accept your commission.
  • PayPal and Square payments accepted (if you don’t have a PayPal) I will send you an invoice after final quote approval.
  • Do not use my work for commercial purposes.
  • If you just want to print it out for personal use, go for it!
  • Feel free to inquire about the status of your commission. I will do my best to complete your order in a timely fashion. Commissions may take up to 3-4 months of completion. If delays occur, I will let you know.
  • If you need it sooner/designate a deadline extra fees (up to 100 USD) may occur since it is a rushed order
  • After paying for your order, an initial draft will be sent to you for approval. Please notify me of changes you would like to make on this step. Drastic changes made after the illustration is complete will end up in additional charges. Minor changes/fixes are free of charge as long as they are pointed out within 24 hours of the submitted piece.
  • If you commission Fan art, I have the right to sell my work as part of my merchandise.
  • I have the right to refuse your commission for whatever reason. (Particularly if I feel my style does not fit) *Commissions that are approved are sent an invoice.


  • Feel free to use as your display picture or profile picture as long as you credit me.

Activity List:

Current Active List:




  • 1. sickx_ : COMPELTE
  • 2. Kisyunnie: PAID; final rendering
  • 3. VeggieKarp: PAID: Draft begin
  • 4. RedduRilu :PAID; Draft begin
  • 5. Nyanne: PAID: Draft queued


  • [CLOSED]


  • 1. [Email for inquiry]

No waiting list available.

What kind of work I take:


  • Ikemen/Cute girls/Gender fluid
  • Bara
  • NSFW
  • Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero
  • OCs
  • Fan Art


  • Comic panels (seasonal item)
  • Furry
  • Gore
  • Custom character creation

Commission includes:

.psd file at 350 DPI

And .png file saved in original size

All sent to email.

Background Add-ons:

  • Simple BG +$80 (ie: bed sheets, water ripples, sky, etc)
  • Flat color BG FREE


Commercial Commissions:

  • Please contact me for commercial pricing. Please note that pricing will be x2-x3 times more expensive than non-commercial pricing.

For any additional questions:

  • Email me at

Commission Process:

  • Fill out and submit the form below.
  • If you are chosen, you will receive an email from me with a final quote.
  • I will send the invoice to you via PayPal to the email address provided.
  • Once the invoice is paid, I will begin the rough draft of your commission.
  • Any desired changes must be communicated on this step.
  • After approval, final rendering will begin.
  • The finished commission will be sent to you via Email on file. You have 24 hours to report any needed minor fixes (free).


I require communication between us in order to move on between processes (Quote>>Payment Confirmation>>Draft>>Final render>>Quick fixes). If no reply is received from the client’s end within 7 business days, the process will automatically move to the next step with my best judgment and without written confirmation to prevent from further delay of delivery.

Scroll down further for Pricing.


Click the link below to fill out the order form. If you are chosen for a slot, you will receive an email back from me with a quoted price. If you do not hear back from me, please do not take it personal as it may mean that the slots have all been taken up before you.

Regular Commission FormBust Crying Commission

What are ‘Limited time’ Commissions?

When I’m in the mood to draw a specific theme, the commission will come at a discounted price. You are still able to commission me a piece of a specific theme you missed out after time expires but it will just be charged at full price as a regular commission.

Limited time: Crying Bust Commissions

Full color, full render, bust proportion illustration with background included.

*Top of head to collarbones

Extreme detailing of character will cost extra.

1 client may order up to 2 art pieces. *They will be individual bust pieces

Client may choose 1 prominent color for the theme of the composition. (Or leave it all up to me)

*These commissions may be subject to public streaming on Twitch.



Only Bust Available: $250

  • Additional orders: + $250 (Max 2 orders per client)
  • Extreme details $50+ up


  • Comes with simple background 

Regular Commission Types

Bust 250 USD

+Head to Shoulders

+1 Character per Bust comm

+NSFW Not available for Bust

+Extremely detailed designs +$80

+Simple BG +$50 (ie: bed sheets, water ripples, sky, etc)

+Flat color BG FREE

Mid-Thigh Up 400 USD

+Head to Mid-thigh

+Additional character +400

+NSFW available

+Extremely detailed designs +$80

+Simple BG +$80 (ie: bed sheets, water ripples, sky, etc)

+Flat color BG FREE

Full Body 750 USD

+Additional character +600

+NSFW available

+Extremely detailed designs +$100

+Simple BG +$80 (ie: bed sheets, water ripples, sky, etc)

+Flat color BG FREE